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Mock Kickoff Overview

Mock kickoff is when Spartronics captains teach new members how the real kickoff will run and how to run strategy on kickoff efficiently. Every subteam works with one another to analyze the game manual, watch the live stream, and start designing

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Subteam Updates December 1st

Mechanics and Design: BARN gave them lessons on maintaining equipment, organizing and staying safe! Design had what only can be described as a “CAD party!” Programming: Programming was reviewing open source library access. Electronics/Pneumatics: Electronics learned about pneumatics and battery assembly. Business

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Subteam Updates for 11/15 Meeting

Mechanics: Students are learning how to use CAD as they will design our new robot for 2024 before we begin our build. Programming: Our Programming subteam is getting acquainted with the programming software that will control our 2024 robot. Electronics/Pneumatics:

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Walkabout Overveiw

Spartronics are starting this season off with our world famous walkabout. Several members and one mentor from our business and marketing subteam walked around and talked with local business owners about Spartronics and sponsorship. We had some very great conversations and can’t wait for next

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