Subteam Updates: January 11, 2023


-Cutting wooden field elements for testing the robot.
-Getting students certified in woodworking equipment.
-Creating prototype pieces for the robot.


-Starting to program various subsystems of the robot.
-Working on the code for the drivetrain.
-Testing and refining code.


-Brainstorming various elements of design for the robot.
-Designing a physical prototype of the robot.
-Will soon begin modeling the robot prototype with CAD.


-Working with design and mechanics to plan the layout of the robot.
-Ordering robot parts.
-Helping to build the prototype robot.

Business + Marketing:

-Delivering new Team Shirts featuring our 2023 Sponsors!
-Continuing team website updates and developing a new one.
-Created new sponsor banners for events and our robotics room.
-Jump-starting the robot’s naming process for 2023.
-Writing, editing, and publishing our newsletter – like this issue!

Kickoff: The 2023 Build Season Has Begun!

As of nine in the morning on the 7th of January, the 2023 FRC build season has officially begun!

With the start of this new season, teams have been tasked with building and programming a robot to play in FIRST’s brand-new game, CHARGED UP!

On the first day of the new season, Spartronics assembled in the 100 building at Bainbridge High School to watch the kickoff introduction, begin planning the design of the robot, and start strategizing.

We also took our 2023 team photos (both serious and PHUN versions) below.

In the animated kickoff video, FIRST revealed the basic premise of the game, along with the key rules. The game manual was also released on the day of kickoff, which details all guidelines of the game.
Here is the link to the full game manual (PDF).

Subteam Updates: December 8, 2022


-Led workshop safety training/testing for new and returning members (includes power tool safety, emergency procedures, and general best practices)
-Training new members in how to use the various machines in the workshop (drill press, waterjet, etc.)


-Training new members of the team and preparing them for build season
-Writing code for the swerve drive mechanism


-Training new team members in CAD (Computer Assisted Design)
-Assisting returning members in transitioning to leadership positions


-Taking inventory of supplies and materials
-Organizing the workspace
-Conducting safety training for new and returning team members


-Working with Elementor (a website-building tool) to rebuild our team website
-Reaching out to local businesses for sponsorships
-Working on our yearly team t-shirt design
-Writing this newsletter!

Alumni Spotlight: Grant Dalton

A large part of our identity as a robotics team is the impact we have on students’ lives beyond high school. Many Spartronics alumni have gone on to accomplish amazing things in college and beyond with the skills they’ve learned from their time in robotics. Grant Dalton

One of our outstanding alumni, Grant Dalton, was kind enough to give us some updates on what he’s doing and how FIRST robotics impacted his life:

Q What did you do after college, and what are you doing now?

GD “After college, I got a job with the Army developing remote weapons and currently lead the development of a stabilized weapon mount for helicopter gunnery.”

Q How did robotics help you in college and your career?

GD “Participating in FIRST showed me what the end goal of engineering was, how at the end of the day, all the math, testing, and long days results in a product that is cool and new. For me, it helped me find my passion for mechanical engineering and designing new and innovative concepts. If you develop your skill set to include the types of creative thinking that FIRST encourages, you will find enjoyment in any field solving any challenge.”

Q How have you stayed involved with FIRST?

GD “I’ve stayed involved with FIRST by starting a robotics team at Dover High School in Dover, NJ. Growing up onGrand Dalton in 2015 at DistrictsBainbridge Island, it can be easy to take the opportunities you are afforded and the quality of the public school system for granted, but many schools do not have the type of STEAM programs and support for STEAM that Bainbridge provides. My goal in Dover is to build a program that can provide the same opportunities in a Title I school as I was afforded at BHS, because good ideas and hard work don’t care about your background.”

Q What message would you like to share with students new to the team or thinking about joining?

GD “It can be intimidating to look at the end product and full robot without seeing the process which creates it, and it is okay to feel like you don’t have the needed skills or classes to contribute. At its core, engineering is about problem solving and creating solutions, so if you like puzzles, games, or creating art, chances are you already have everything you need. What you might not see is the support system of teachers and mentors that work with the team to teach you all the math, science, design, coding, and engineering skills while breaking the huge task down into manageable chunks.”