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Subteam Successes

Mechanics and Design: Mechanics finalized the intake. Design worked on prototypes of our climber and elevator. Programming: Programming was solving a quartic equation as well as working on vision for our robot. Electronics: Electronics were wiring the drive train. Business

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Subteam Updates Week of February 2nd

Mechanics and Design: Mechanics worked on building the intake and manufacturing the elevator. Design finished the CAD of our robot! Programming: Programming debugged code and tuned the swerve trajectory. Electronics: Electronics continued chassis wiring and testing batteries. Business + Marketing:

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Subteam Antics Week of January 19th

Mechanics and Design: Mechanics worked on the chassis for our new robot! Design continued their legendary design marathon. Programming: Programming continued their hard work on vision and swerve systems. Above is a photo of marketing and programming Electronics/Pneumatics: Electronics started

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Subteam Updates December 15th, 2023

Mechanics and Design: Mechanics and design participated in mock kickoff! Programming: Programming participated in mock kickoff! Electronics/Pneumatics: Electronics participated in mock kickoff! Business + Marketing: We participated in the mock kickoff! We continued designing our banner and team shirts. We

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