-Cutting wooden field elements for testing the robot.
-Getting students certified in woodworking equipment.
-Creating prototype pieces for the robot.


-Starting to program various subsystems of the robot.
-Working on the code for the drivetrain.
-Testing and refining code.


-Brainstorming various elements of design for the robot.
-Designing a physical prototype of the robot.
-Will soon begin modeling the robot prototype with CAD.


-Working with design and mechanics to plan the layout of the robot.
-Ordering robot parts.
-Helping to build the prototype robot.

Business + Marketing:

-Delivering new Team Shirts featuring our 2023 Sponsors!
-Continuing team website updates and developing a new one.
-Created new sponsor banners for events and our robotics room.
-Jump-starting the robot’s naming process for 2023.
-Writing, editing, and publishing our newsletter – like this issue!