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Subteam Updates for 11/15 Meeting

Students are learning how to use CAD as they will design our new robot for 2024 before we begin our build.


Our Programming subteam is getting acquainted with the programming software that will control our 2024 robot.


Electronics took inventory of the materials and supplies we will need to build our new robot.

Business + Marketing:

The Marketing team started cleaning out our massive storage closet and organizing 10 years of marketing materials stored in there.

We also are in the middle of our fundraising for our 2024 competition season. Team sponsorships start at $250. If you or your business would like to become a sponsor, check out all the great benefits you will receive here.

Did you know you can also donate to Spartronics via the Bainbridge Schools Foundation, which can be tax deductible? Just designate “Spartronics (robotics)” in the “Designation” pull-down menu on this online BSF donation form.

Our subteam also wrote this newsletter!

Marketing folks pose for a photo