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FRC 2017 Game: STEAMworks Revealed

FIRST just announced the new 2017 game STEAMworks. STEAMworks has introduced many new elements to the game, creating a more challenging and engaging game for all players. The year’s theme is Steampunk, allowing for interesting game elements relating to the theme. Exciting examples are the air tower, boilers, and gear system.

With a new game comes many new ways to score in STEAMworks; shooting fuel into the boiler, which has a low and high ‘goal’, hooking gears to the airship so the human player can attach the gears to the ship, and the robot climbing onto the airship at the end of the game. Spartronics will be exploring all viable options over the next few days in strategy groups!

Our team will analyze the game, strategize, and prototype over the coming week and then begin to build our 2017 Robot!

Download Game Manual Here