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Shorewood Update: We’re in 10th Place, 44th in OR and WA

We had a GREAT day today and our robot GAEA made us proud, finishing in the Top 10 for the day.  Overall, after just one day of our second competition, we are in 44th Place.  The Top 64 teams in WA and OR go to Cheney, WA and Eastern WA University for the District Championships so cheer us on!

Today, your Spartronics invited other teams to join us in a photo with a sign that said “FUND US” and we folded our hands and said “PLEASE FUND US”  – sending a message to our State Legislators in Washington to continue to fund OSPI grants — a key source of Spartronics funding and that of most teams in our state.

Here is the photo we took – please copy and share on social media with the hashtag #fundrobotics!