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Glacier Peak 2024 – Day 1 Report

Glacier Peak 2024 day1Spartronics 4915 and its robot NEMESIS competed with spirit and gracious professionalism on Day 1 of the Glacier Peak FIRST Robotics competition. The team currently stands 23rd in the qualifying rankings, with 24 moving on to the quarterfinals. Two Sunday morning matches may make the difference! Every match is important, so tune in by visiting the Twitch Livestream.


The team builds a new robot for a new game each year. This year’s game, CRESCENDO, is a challenging but fun game with music as the theme. After adjusting and learning from early matches, NEMESIS’s performance reached a crescendo as Day 1 progressed. By the end of Day 1, Spartronics had a 4-5-1 record, and was the winner in the highest scoring match of the day: 98 points! With a couple of close losses, and a team making adjustments to a great robot throughout the day, the team is looking forward to Day 2. You can track the team’s progress on our Facebook page, Instagram, or X/Twitter.


FIRST Robotics is more than just robots competing. It’s about communication, collaborating, helping other teams, community service, and rising to challenges. During the day, members of the Spartronics team presented to judges for a number of prestigious awards, including the coveted Impact Award. The winners of competition awards will be announced at the end of Day 2 competition. We are looking forward to it!