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Spartronics hits 3k on Instagram!

Last Monday, we reached three thousand followers on Instagram! We could not have done it without you guys, so thank you very much! If you are not already following us, click here!

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Senior Spotlight!

Spotlight Time. Everett is in the spotlight this week! Everett is one of our programming captains. Everett has spent four years on Spartronics. Everett’s dream career is in scientific research. Everett’s favorite part of FIRST and Spartronics is everyone being gracious

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Subteam Successes

Mechanics and Design: Mechanics finalized the intake. Design worked on prototypes of our climber and elevator. Programming: Programming was solving a quartic equation as well as working on vision for our robot. Electronics: Electronics were wiring the drive train. Business

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Senior Spotlight #1!

We are starting a new segment of our newsletter called Senior Spotlight! Senior Spotlight aims to showcase some of our amazing seniors who are graduating at the end of this season. Zack Huck is the first senior we’ve chosen. Zack

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