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Build Season is Ramping Up! Week 1!

Spartronics students working

Team Update

The team’s had a very productive first week of Build Season! Remember, all 3,700 FRC teams worldwide have just six weeks to build a robot for the new “Destination: Deep Space” 2019 game.

We continued the brainstorming process started at Kickoff by coming up with a multitude of innovative ideas for mechanisms. The best of these ideas were grouped together into one of three cohesive robot concepts. The whole team then voted on its favorite of these concepts. Using the team’s input, the leadership team and our amazing mentors made a final decision. We will soon announce the final decision, but we are all looking forward to a successful Competition Season!

Soon students will split up into Spartronics various subteams: Mechanics, Electronics, Programming and Marketing. Every subteam makes contributions that help ensure that our six-week Build Season will go as smoothly as possible.

Spartronics students building the field

Field Elements Group

Several members of Spartronics have been going above and beyond for the team. These students are part of the Field Elements Group, which has been meeting outside of our usual meeting hours. Their job? The Field Elements Group has built several important field elements used in this year’s game, such as the Rocket Ship. This will allow for better prototyping, robot testing, and eventual drive team practice.

It was a flash from the past as during Kickoff several Spartronics alumni turned out to show their continued support and encouragement of 4915!

Professional options logo

Sponsor Spotlight: Professional Options

Doña Keating is President and CEO. Professional Options LLC, a new Spartronics sponsor this year. But more importantly, Doña is also a professional Mentor of our team and our Community Ambassador. She believes strongly in the power of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) and its ability to impact the future.

We asked Doña to talk about her company:

Spartronics: Can you tell us a little bit about Professional Options?

Doña: Professional Options is a leadership and management consulting firm. We advise NGOs (non-governmental agencies) Fortune 100, governments, and non-profits on best practices so their C-Suite leaders and organisations can improve their strategies, teams, and missions. We also provide facilitation of executive board retreats and meetings, and public policy advocacy on a wide range of issues such as digital privacy, telecommunications, education, technology innovation, economic development, and entrepreneurship.

Spartronics: Why is Professional Options sponsoring Spartronics?

Doña: As a decades-long supporter, practitioner, and leader of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) initiatives, I consider computer programming a necessary life component in the 21st Century and beyond. Spartronics advances knowledge of this international second language and its implementation via robotics, but it also hones critical-thinking, promotes collaborative teamwork, enhances communications  – and other invaluable skills which will prepare our students. The emotional intelligence of the team members, coach, and mentors is both electrifying and inspirational. I can’t imagine living or working on Bainbridge Island and not supporting Spartronics, particularly if one has a child in the school or on the team.

Spartronics: Is there a way Spartronics fans can support Professional Options?

Doña: The community is free to like our Facebook Page (, but I’d prefer they spread the word and recruit more to like and follow Spartronics on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

Spartronics: Is there anything else we should let our readers know about?

Doña: Our company URL is, but again, my preference is that they support and engage Spartronics!

Thank you Professional Options and thank you Doña Keating for all of your support!