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Bonney Lake: Day 1 Recap!

Spartronics 4915 and its robot NEMESIS competed in Day 1 of the FIRST Robotics Competition in Bonney Lake. Spartronics completed the day with a record of 6-4, ranking 14th out of 35 teams. Check out the live stream on Twitch to follow Day 2 matches, and hopefully the playoffs!

Student working on NEMESIS

Since our first competition at Glacier Peak, the team has been hard at work on NEMESIS, making mechanical improvements, adding AI-powered computer vision systems, and improving our auto capabilities. This year’s competition, CRESCENDO, has put all of our skills to the test!


A tough set of morning matches dropped our record to 0-3 and 31st in the standings. The team rallied, reeling off a series of big wins including six of the last seven matches. Twice Spartronics alliances were able to capture all four rankings points for matches. In the meantime, the team presented its case for the FIRST Impact award, walked judges through the finer points of NEMESIS, and cheered hard for our dedicated drive team.


With a strong finish to the day, and an intense scouting session after dinner, Spartronics is ready to compete with gracious professionalism on Day 2.


The camaraderie, competition, and STEAM skill building that comes from FIRST Robotics doesn’t happen without our sponsors. Our 2024 Top Sponsors are proudly displayed on NEMESIS. All of these incredible organizations donated between $1,000 and $13,000 in cash and in-kind donations this season!

Spartronics sponsors

This year, we have raised over $57,000 in cash and in-kind donations. The best part is that over 90% of our funding comes from local and national sponsors we are connected to by a student or mentor.


THANK YOU SPONSORS and our BAINBRIDGE ISLAND COMMUNITY for all of your support this year and every year!