Meet THEMIS – THE Mechanical Intake Scissor-lift THEMIS Specs: Climber
  • Drums
  • Climbing hooks at the top of the lift
  • Cord preset on the scissor lift with rubber stoppers
FAQ: How did THEMIS get its name? Themis was the Greek God of Divine Order, Fairness, and Law. These aspects of the goddess align very well with FIRST’s own values of cooperation and gracious professionalism. The Scales of Justice, Themis’ symbol, also relate to the year’s game and its scale game element. Each robot name also is an acronym, based on the robot’s unique capabilities or features:
  • ATLaS – Advanced Tele-operated Launching System (2014)
  • GAEA – Grabbing Actuated Elevator Automaton (2015)
  • ARES – Advanced Robot Engineered for Siege (2016)
  • HELIOS – Highly Efficient Launcher and Intake Oriented System (2017)
  • THEMIS – THE Machine Intake Scissor-lift (2018)