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Meet CHAOS- Cargo Hatch-panel Ascending Operational System


Video: CHAOS Climbs! Spartronics Team 4915 Level 3 Climb at Auburn Mountainview:

Video: Welcome to Destination Deep Space! This is the 2019 game that CHAOS was built to compete in:

Information on CHAOS’ mechanisms 
  • Climbing System – 4 leg Pneumatic system 
  • Cargo Chute – Used belts run by motors to fire Cargo 
  • Intake Mechanism – Bar with Mecanum wheels 

FAQs about CHAOS

What can CHAOS do? 
  • Level 3 Climb
  • Cargo into Cargo ship and low rocket ship 
How did CHAOS get its name?
  • Like all our robots, CHAOS gets its name from Greek mythology. In Greek myth, Chaos is the name for the primordial emptiness of the universe before anything else came into existence, thematically fitting this year’s space-inspired game Destination Deep Space. CHAOs is also an acronym for Cargo Hatch-panel Ascending Operational System.
What’s the coolest part of CHAOS?
  • The Climbing system is extremely cool, as can be seen in the video on this page
What is CHAOS’ drive train?
  • 6-Wheel tank drive 
What are some of the problems we had with CHAOS?
  • Pneumatic leaks and electrical problems were a consistent problem throughout the season