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Meet Spartronics’ latest robot, ATHENA!

(Ascending Turreted Hyper Elevating Navigating Assembly)

Athena 2020 Robot Spartronics - photo


Information and Details about ATHENA:

  • Moves with a powerful 6-wheel pneumatic drivetrain
  • Has an adjustable hood for the turret, which enables high goal scoring
  • Equipped with automatic target tracking with sensor fusion
  • Precise full-field localization using vSLAM

FAQ’s about ATHENA:

“What is ATHENA’s coolest feature?”

Possibly one of ATHENA’s coolest features is its control panel manipulator, which is capable of spinning the control panel included in the 2020 FIRST robotics competition.

“Why is the robot named ATHENA?”

Athena is the Greek goddess of wisdom, inspiration, strategy, craftsmanship, and skill, which were the values that guided us through building this year’s robot.

“What is ATHENA capable of?”

ATHENA is able to perform all the tasks outlined in the 2020 FIRST robotics competition, including the utilization of a telescoping climber to lift the robot onto a bar, and a ball launcher used to score points in the competition.