Meet ARES – Advanced Robot Engineered for Siege




Our 2016 robot, ARES, is appropriately named after the Greek god of war. Our robot is built for a game based on breaching defenses, catapulting “boulders” and capturing opponent towers.


Spec Sheet: ARES – 4915


  • Dimensions: 14 inches tall; 35in.✕ 37.5in. (with bumpers)
  • Custom u-shaped

Motor controllers:

  • 7 Talon SRX, 1 Talon SR & 1 Talon SRX for scaling

Fly wheels rpm:

  • 6,000-12,000 rpm

Omni wheels


  • Gear ratio: 8.6667:1
  • 14-inch Wooden and Omni Wheels (all student hand-made, team design – held back)

Scaling System gear ratio: 

  • 70:1 (held back)

Arm mechanism:

  • Flywheel system intake and launch balls; pivots using motor system/potentiometer


  • Launching Mechanism has high-powered flywheels that feeds a ball enabling us to launch it by reversing the wheels

Innovative Grabbing Machine:

  • ARES has two flywheels that can take in balls and launch them


  • We have an autonomous chooser that allows us to choose different options for each match
  • Can choose between 5 field positions, 5 obstacles that we can breach and four strategies
  • Strategies are do nothing, breach, breach and shoot or breach and shoot using vision processing (auto targeting; flashlight for manual targeting)


  • Used Java
  • We have a command based system
  • We programed 3 subsystem & vision processing with a Jetson

Game Play:

  • Go under low bar
  • Can pass the rock wall, moat, rough terrains, and ramparts, also can open the sally port from the back

Human Player:

  • Human Spy
  • Ball Feeder


Video of ARES