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2016 Build Season “Dance Video Challenge” Begins – 4911 Responds!

Last year during our hectic build season Marketing wanted to encourage “phun” and lighten things up a bit so they created a dance video (see the two last videos at the bottom of this post) and challenged our Programmers. This year, we sent a new “Dance Video Challenge” to our friends at 4911 CyberKnights. Here is our video below and their response video below that. Let’s take this national and show that FRC teams can have phun and work hard during build season!

Here is 4911 CyberKnights response and they challenge Skunk Works 1983, IRS 1318 and CPR 3663!

Here is our last year’s Marketing 2015 Build Season “Dance Challenge Video” (below) and the response from our Programming subteam is at the bottom:

Programming subteam – 2015 Build Season “Dance Challenge Video”