Spartronics FRC Team 4915
Bainbridge Island, Washington

Established: 2013

Team Number: 4915

Team Name: Spartronics

Location: Bainbridge High School, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110

First Kickoff: January 4, 2014  at Edmonds High School

First Game: Aerial Assist (video)

First Competition: Glacier Peak High School (March 7-8, 2014)

Worlds Competition:

  • 2014 – Finished 39th – Curie Division (St. Louis)
  • 2015 – Finished 28th – Carver Division (St. Louis)


  • Finished Top 5% among all FRC teams (2014)
  • Finished 13th at Pacific Northwest District Championship – WA & OR (2014)
  • Finished Top 7% among all FRC teams (2015)
  • Ranked 20th overall in Pacific Northwest District – WA & OR (2015)
  • Finished 8th at Pacific Northwest District Championship – WA & OR (2015)
  • Ranked #1 after week 2 of District Event Competitions in the Pacific NW – WA & OR (2017)

Our Robots:

  • Meet ATLaS – Advanced Tele-operated Launching System (2014)
  • Meet GAEA – Grabbing Actuated Elevator Automaton (2015)
  • Meet ARES – Advanced Robot Engineered for Siege (2016)
  • Meet HELIOS – Highly Efficient Launcher and Intake Oriented System (2017)

Awards, Honors & Recognition:

  • District Event Winner – Shorewood (2014)
  • Rookie All-Star Award – District Event – Glacier Peak (2014)
  • Rookie Inspiration Award – District Event – Shorewood (2014)
  • Rookie Inspiration Award – District Championships – Portland (2014)
  • “Team Spirit” award recognizing Mentors – Bainbridge Island School District (2014)
  • Girls Gen – 2nd Place – Tahoma, WA (2014)
  • District Event Finalist – Shorewood (2015)
  • Engineering Inspiration Award – Glacier Peak (2015)
  • “Spartronics Day” 4/9/15 – Proclaimed by Mayor and City Council of Bainbridge Island
  • District Event Winner – Glacier Peak (2016)
  • Excellence in Engineering Award sponsored by Delphi – Glacier Peak (2016)
  • Gracious Professionalism Award sponsored by Johnson & Johnson – Mount Vernon (2016)
  • Creativity Award sponsored by Xerox – Pacific NW District Championships (2016)
  • District Event Winner – Auburn Mountainview (2017)
  • Engineering Inspiration Award – Auburn Mountainview (2017)

Team size:

  • 30 students (4 girls) and 9 mentors – 2014
  • 50 students (16 girls) and 12 mentors – 2015
  • 53 students (18 girls) and 15 mentors – 2016
  • 50 students (16 girls) and 16 mentors – 2017


  • 2017 Sponsors: BOEING, OSPI, Xerox, Bainbridge Schools Foundation, Bainbridge Island School District, Microsoft Philanthropies, GOOGLE, Nvidia, Fairbank Construction, Westside Pizza, Mr. Shutt, Sears & Associates, Dalton Family, ACE Hardware, Qualcomm, Island Family Eyecare, Sound Reprographics, Bainbridge Island Museum of Art, WAV Group Communications, Pane D’Amour, B.I.CYCLE, Columbia Bank, Destination Imagination, General Electric, Wildernest and Town & Country Markets, Media Sponsor: Bainbridge Review
  • 2016 Sponsors: Boeing, Bainbridge Schools Foundation, Bainbridge Island School District, OSPI, ACE Hardware Bainbridge Island, Sears & Associates, Clare & Anthony Ligouri, The Dalton Family, Rotary Club of Bainbridge Island, Washington FIRST, Intellectual Ventures, Spartronics Parents, NVIDIA, Bainbridge Independent Destination Imagination, F5, WAV Group, Windermere Real Estate, Westside Pizza, , Mr. Shutt- Realtor, Town & Country Markets, Columbia Bank, Winslow Drugs, Island Family Eyecare, Media Sponsor: Bainbridge Review
  • 2015 Sponsors: Boeing, Bainbridge Schools Foundation, Bainbridge Island School District, OSPI, ACE Hardware Bainbridge Island, Sears & Associates, Ligouri Family, Eagle Harbor Asset Management, Bainbridge Independent Destination Imagination, Olympic Property Management, Windermere Real Estate, Westside Pizza, Buy, Raytheon, Mr. Shutt- Realtor, Solidworks, Stewart Title, Spartronics Parents and Town & Country Markets. Media Sponsor: Inside Bainbridge
  • 2014 “Legacy” Sponsors: Boeing, Bainbridge Schools Foundation, Bainbridge Island School District, OSPI, ACE Hardware Bainbridge Island, Sears & Associates, Windermere Real Estate, Westside Pizza, and Town & Country Markets. Media Sponsor: Inside Bainbridge

Our History

FIRST debuted on Bainbridge Island, WA (23,000 residents) in 2013. Spartronics Team 4915 came into fruition led by a small yet incredibly dedicated group that included a student leader, a Boeing engineer, the head of our local high school science department, the District’s STEM coordinator, and a local marketing executive who had established Washington FIRST’s Facebook page in 2011.first-horizontal

FRC Team 4915 – Spartronics – was the first formal robotics program in the Bainbridge Island School District. Under the leadership of Bainbridge High School Science Department chair and Physics teacher Enrique Chee, we started from scratch, without any prior FRC, FTC or FLL-related FIRST teams. In our Rookie season, we competed with some 30 students, including 4 girls, 9 professional mentors and Coach Chee.


In our Rookie Year – 2014 – Spartronics had a Championship season: We went to the World FRC Championships in St. Louis, MO, after qualifying through point ranking at the Pacific NW Championships. We also won the “Rookie Inspiration Award” at the Pacific NW District Championship. At the Shorewood District Event our Alliance placed first, and we also won the “Rookie Inspiration Award” at Shorewood after winning the “Rookie All-Star Award” at Glacier Peak.

In our second year – 2015 – due to incredible community support and extensive outreach, Spartronics doubled our team size to some 50 students of which 16 were girls – four times the number that we had in our first year! We also had a dozen professional mentors and  of course, our tireless Coach Chee. At the

Girls Gen meet in Oct. 2015:Screen Shot 2015-03-08 at 8.08.41 PM

The first time we competed at this event — our 2nd year all-girls team were on the Alliance that placed 2nd in the tournament.

In our third year – 2016 – we grew to 53 students and a record number of more girls 18, as well as 15 professional mentors and more sponsors than ever before. It was in 2016 that Spartronics implemented the most exciting change to its team yet: We transition to being fully student-managed and operated, as we are committed to teaching critical thinking and deliberate action, foster self-determination, and encourage the growth of leadership skills amongst ourselves. Our goal is to maintain our successes while teaching our members the skills of proactivity and the power of deliberate action. The burden of accountability and responsibility is greater on us — the students — but we have accepted the challenge with energy and zeal.

Robby Davis Teaches

Now in our fourth year and our second year as 100% student led, Spartronics fields a team of 50 students, 16 professional mentors and our Coach Chee. 26% of our team is comprised of girls as we strive for gender equality. This year started as our most successful year yet as we finished our first District Event in first place (10-2) and for the first time, and our winning alliance – which we selected – finished 1st and won the Auburn Mountainview District Championship! We also won the coveted FIRST “Engineering Inspiration Award” and began our season ranked #1 out of 155 teams in Washington and Oregon.

More than robots

Since our inception, Spartronics 4915 has grown to be so much more than just building robots: we have evolved as a team through our own internal development (diversity, expansion, and transition to student leadership), and our community impacts (as they have evolved with us). We know that we are a young team, but we are passionate about our cause and have already become more than the sum of our parts. The years before us are exciting, and now 4915 approaches its future “Full STEAM Ahead” as our 2016 season’s slogan so aptly says.