Under the direction of Bainbridge High School physics teacher Enrique Chee, FRC Team 4915 Spartronics of Bainbridge Island, WA hit the ground running as an ambitious rookie team in 2013. Spartronics introduced FIRST and FRC to the Bainbridge Island School District. Our team went all the way to the FIRST World Championships in our first two years based on points (see Our History). Today our Island also has 4 FLL and 2 FTC teams, providing FIRST Robotics programs for grades 4th through 12th in just three years!Screen Shot 2015-03-08 at 8.08.41 PM

We also have grown the number of girls on our team: 4 girls our first year, 16 girls our second year and 18 girls this year. Today we have 50 members, 15 mentors and one tireless Coach! Moreover, the support from our community also has grown incredibly. Known as being primarily a liberal arts-centric community, citizens of all ages on our Island have rallied behind the expansion of STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) programs in our school system, driven aggressively by outreach from Spartronics and our team members volunteer efforts that has reached thousands of Islanders and visitors to our community.Robbyteach

Our 17 student leaders manage our major Subteams, which include mechanical, electrical, pneumatics, marketing, strategy, and programming. Spartronics meet after school several times each week and on weekends during the build season. Throughout the year we participate in a plethora of community events, from demonstrations with our robot that we present to all three of our elementary schools to summer STEM camps and even marching in our 4th of July parade, which is attended by thousands of visitors.


4th of July (2015)


Children’s Museum 1oth Anniversary

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Children’s Museum 1oth Anniversary Robot