All New! “How to Grow FIRST Faster” free booklet

Team 4915 Chairman’s entry for 2018 was inspired by FIRST co-founder Dean Kamen. “We need to grow FIRST faster!” he said on the Kickoff video for this year’s game, “Power Up.”  This has been the mantra of Spartronics since our inception: to grow STEAM and STEM and FIRST Robotics on Bainbridge and beyond since we started in 2013.

How to grow FIRST faster!One of our greatest strengths has always been our Marketing and Fundraising skills. Our business acumen has allowed us to raise nearly $100,000 in the last three years. Most importantly, our alumni, because of our local business support, mentor support, family support and community support, are now beginning to graduate from some of the finest colleges and universities around!

We hope this toolkit can help start new teams, help existing ones and be expanded as other teams contribute new ideas.

Spartronics believes that together we grow FIRST faster

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Open House March 14th!

Please join us at our upcoming Open House, on Wednesday March 14, showcasing STEAM and Robotics on Bainbridge Island. We want as many teachers, students of all ages, family members, parents, and community members to see STEAM and Robotics in action as is possible!

Our six‐week robot build season for Spartronics Team 4915 — which is composed of 55 students, 17 professional mentors, and Coach Chee — ended on Feb. 20. Meet THEMIS, our new robot!


We’ll share what we’ve been doing while having the “hardest fun we’ll ever have.” You’ll meet our programming, mechanical, electrical/pneumatic, CAD, strategy, and marketing sub-teams. Plus you can also see what the Islands FTC middle school teams, and potentially its FLL elementary/intermediate school teams, have been doing this past season!

Spartronics Build Season- Week 6! This is it! (And Name Reveal!)

Spartronics students working

Subteam Updates:

Mechanics and Electronics have completed 2018’s first robot! This year, it was decided that Spartronics will build two robots. The second robot will allow drive team to practice with a robot even after the one we’ll use for competitions is sealed on Bag Day. For those not in the know, Bag Day is when every FRC team in the world is required to stop building their robot and pack it away in a sealed plastic bag, in preparation for the competition season.

With the first robot handed off to programming, Mechanics and Electronics have both begun work on the second. The robots this year incorporate pneumatics in every module, more than other robots we’ve constructed in the past. This has allowed members of the electronics subteam to learn a lot about pneumatics, both from mentors and independently. In addition to building the second robot, mechanics and electronics are creating spare parts for the robots.

Programming has been making full use of their time with the robot. Every subsystem has been completely programmed, and the scissor lift is completely tested. They’ve also set up all the robot’s driver controls.

The Marketing subteam is continuing preparations for our 5th annual all-Island Robotics Open House, due to be held on March 14th. They’ve has also begun to pack the trailer the team will use at competitions. The new banners for the Pit have been ordered as have our 2018 Sponsor banners. Finally, marketing has received this year’s teams shirts, hats, and hoodies and will start distributing them soon!

There also will be a BIG celebration at BHS on Bag Day night that Marketing will help host!


Robot Name Reveal:

Spartronics Team 4915 is excited to announce the name for this year’s robot: THEMIS!

The acronym is THE Mechanical Intake Scissor-Lift. The name also continues the Spartronics tradition of naming robots after Greek mythological figures.

Themis was the Greek God of Divine Order, Fairness, and Law. These aspects of the goddess align very well with FIRST’s own values of coopertition and gracious professionalism. The Scales of Justice, Themis’ symbol, also relate to this year’s game and its scale game element. We eagerly await seeing how THEMIS will do in competition season.

Boeing logo

Sponsor Spotlight: Boeing

Since being founded in Seattle in 1916, Boeing has gone on to become the world’s preeminent aerospace engineering company. As a corporation whose success is based on technological and scientific excellence, Boeing understands the value of FIRST and its message. They demonstrate this understanding every year with their support of Spartronics.

Our biggest sponsor, Boeing has donated tens of thousands of dollars to the team over the years! This history of support stretches all the way back to 2013 with one of our founding mentors, Jon Sachs, being a Boeing employee. Jon and our other Boeing mentors, Jim Carr and Randy Groves, have collectively spent hundreds upon hundreds of hours with Spartronics.

We want to extend our thanks to everyone working at Boeing, with special emphasis on our incredible Boeing mentors!

This is Jon’s Story:

Below is the latest in a series of “Student Story” videos we’ve created to show how donations from sponsors like Boeing make a huge difference for every student.

Spartronics Build Season: Week 5

Spartronics students and mentors work on the robot

Subteam Updates:

The pressure is on in Mechanics, as soon they’ll be handing the robot off to the programmers. They’ve finished the first grabber, and work is being done on the second. Lastly, they’re preparing to mount the first climber.

The Electronics subteam has managed to complete most of the robot’s electronics. In fact, they’ve even been able to turn the robot on! However, they still have some ways to go as electronics for some mechanisms have not been done and pneumatics are still being worked on.

Programming has already written and tested much of the robot’s code. Additionally, most of the autonomous paths have been set up. The programming team now eagerly awaits their turn with the robot.

After submitting the Chairman’s essay, Marketing has begun work on the video for the prestigious award. This year, the video will show how Spartronics is helping to grow both FIRST and STEM.

Marketing has also completed this year’s entry for the Woodie Flowers award, which aims to recognize excellent mentors.This year Spartronics nomination has gone to fabulous mentor John Sachs. The subteam has also ordered sponsor banners and ensured that new team shirts are in production. Finally, preparations have continued for our 5th annual all-Island Robotics Open House, due to be held on March 14th.

Town and Country Logo

Sponsor Spotlight: Town & Country

One sponsor that’s been supporting Spartonics from the beginning has been Town & Country Markets, a Bainbridge Island institution.

For over 60 years Town & Country has served our Island. Throughout the last 5 of those years they’ve supported Spartronics with both financial backing and by helping to provide healthy snacks at a discount to our students during our six-week build season.

When Spartonics went to the World Championships for the first time, the sign outside T&C has told the entire Island of our incredible first-year accomplishment, and congratulated our team.

We want to thank the entire Nakata family and everyone who works at T&C, and especially Rick Petersen who’s always been a great help!

Sketch of Town and Country