Houston we have no problem: Spartronics are headed to Worlds!


We finished ranked 16th in the PNW out of 155 teams in three states: Washington, Oregon and Alaska. The top 39 teams qualify, along with teams that won Chairman’s or Rookie All Star Awards.

See the official link here: http://frc-districtrankings.firstinspires.org/2017/PNW

While the team finished the qualifying matches ranked 38th at the PNW District Championships this past weekend in Cheney, WA, Spartronics did finish strong, winning the last three matches for a .500 record of 6 wins and 6 losses.

Despite the challenges of the tournament, Spartronics robot Helios played well and both driving and shooting improved throughout the matches. In fact, during the next to the last match of the last day, Helios hit a KPA of 36, a pressure just 4 points shy of scoring the magic 40 KPA that results in a ranking point for one’s Alliance, regardless who wins the match.

23 students, Coach Chee and mentors will be traveling to Houston for the FIRST FRC Robotics World Championships with full details and schedules here:


Houston Worlds

This marks the 3rd time in 4 years that Spartronics has earned its way to Worlds.

Spartronics Currently Ranked #4 in Washington, Oregon and Alaska

Spartronics Team 4915 are now ranked 4th among 153 teams from the states of Washington, Oregon and Alaska after four weeks of competition, according to FIRST.

Team 1595, The Dragons (Spokane, WA) is number one with 154 ranking points, Team 5803 (Seattle, WA) are second with 148 points, Team 3238 Cyborg Ferrets (Anacortes) is third with 142 points, Spartronics have 129 points and Team 2046 Bear Metal (Maple Valley) rounds out the Top 5 with 109 points.

Ranking points are accumulated from two District Event competitions, as well as from winning awards. This is the final weekend of competitions for the PNW District and Spartronics will learn this Saturday that we officially qualify for the District Championships in Cheney, WA.

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Jon Coonan Named to “Dean’s List” by Washington FIRST’s Kevin Ross

One of the biggest highlights of Glacier Peak for team members, mentors and supporters in the stands was when Spartronics Team Co-Captain and Marketing Lead Jon Coonan was named as one of just two students as a FIRST Robotics Dean’s List Finalist for the Pacific Northwest Championships in Cheney, WA, April 6-8, 2017.

Jon CoonanWashington FIRST Co-Founder Kevin Ross announced Jon’s name to a cheering crowd, which gave Jon and immediate standing ovation. Coonan, a Junior and BHS, is being recognized for his individual contribution to his team as well as his role in spreading the message of FIRST Robotics throughout Bainbridge Island – and beyond.

“In an effort to recognize the leadership and dedication of FIRST’s most outstanding secondary school students, the Kamen family sponsors awards for selected 10th or 11th grade* students known as the FIRST Robotics Competition® FIRST Dean’s List…The students … will not only be great examples of current student leaders who have led their FIRST Robotics Competition … teams and communities to increased awareness for FIRST and its mission while achieving personal technical expertise and accomplishment, but it is FIRST’s goal that all Dean’s List Semi-Finalists, Finalists and winners will continue on, post award, as great leaders of FIRST’s ever growing student alumni.”

Spartronics co-founding Mentor Kevin Hawkins, who has worked with Jon for three years said, “Jon has served our team as a polished spokesperson, seasoned marketer, skilled photographer and videographer, and enthusiastic fundraiser. He’s a born self-starter who embraces new challenges, and someone who will spread the word of FIRST around the globe. He knows life is more than robots, but embodies the ideals of FIRST in everything he does. Jon has that X-factor and you just know he will do great things.”

Student Addie Bjornson from Team SOTABots 2557 from Tacoma was also named as a Dean’s List Finalist for Cheney. Both will compete at the District Championship for the chance to receive the honor at the FRC Worlds Championship in Houston, Texas. FIRST Washington Founder and Chairman Kevin Ross said, “I am very excited for the future of these students.”

“I just want to thank all of our 16 incredible mentors who volunteer their time and energy to encourage us all to be successful,” said Jon Coonan, who also is a human player on this year’s Drive Team. You’ll find Jon as a Pilot retrieving and placing the gears during the competition.



BHS Robotics Team 4915 Wins Award, Finishes 4th In District Event

Spartronics Team 4915 finished the elimination rounds of the FIRST Robotics Competition District Event at Glacier Peak High School ranked 4th and won the coveted “Team Spirit Award.” The team finished qualifying matches with a 10-2 record and was ranked #1 out of 40 teams at the end of regular competition for the second time this year.

At Glacier Peak, Spartronics Clio Batali, as first team co-captain, selected the 1st Alliance that included 2nd-year Rookie team Apex Robotics Team 5803 from Seattle Christian School in SeaTac, WA and Vahallabots Team 3268 from Kenmore.

HELIOS the robot“HELIOS continued to be one of the best shooting robots at the event,” said Spartronics Coach Enrique Chee, a Physics and Robotics teacher at Bainbridge High School. “Clio Batali, Alex Larson Freeman, Will Hobbs, Jon Coonan and Lucas Rininger continue to work incredibly well together as our drive team, showing consistency and reliability throughout all of our matches and especially during the Finals,” Chee added.

Winning the Team Spirit award from the FCA Foundation (formerly DaimlerChrysler Corporation Fund), Spartronics were recognized by Washington FIRST noting the team “Celebrates extraordinary enthusiasm and spirit through exceptional partnership and teamwork furthering the objectives of FIRST.”

winnersRose, Jon and Charlotte have all built us into a social media powerhouse!

Judges awarded Spartronics 5 additional ranking points for this award, which recognized the team for:

  • “Consistent Spirit both throughout the team and also throughout the contest in attitude, appearance, originality, and depth.”
  • Displaying “obvious enthusiasm – in supporting teams, appearance, interactions with teams/Judges, etc. – at the competition.”
  • That “Spirit is part of the team and is apparent in all they do, including at their school, in their community, with sponsors and other teams, etc.”
  • And that Spartronics “demonstrate spirit as a unified team.”